Customers value the levels of innovation HBC Transportation brings to the realm of global logistics, and controlled atmosphere containers. Temperature controlled containers have revolutionized the transportation of perishable food stuffs, some products require more than temperature control and management.
HBC Transportation provides a world-class temperature controlled refrigerated shipment service. As per the requirement of weather and different types of temperature critical chemicals, perishable foods and other important goods, our reliable temperature controlled services are the reason behind our success.
Our dedication and a highly efficient fleet of temperature controlled trailers with temperature sensors and monitors are installed in every trailer to track the current temperature of supply cargo make us confident to deliver goods in perfect temperature and condition. Product quality, freshness, viability, shelf-life are protected through our highly efficient quality checks and monitoring. A wide variety of options are available to fulfill our customer’s unique shipping requirements.
Our controlled temperature containers extend the supply chain for produce that previously could not be transported far beyond the domestic market. This is achieved by tailoring the atmosphere within the container to slow the ripening process by changing the composition of the air. This helps to create new opportunities for the supplier country and offering new products to consumer countries.
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