HBC Transportation is pleased to offer a wide range of packaging materials for use including plastic, crating, foil bag wrapping, foam trimming, hazardous packaging with certification, and metal packaging for single use or for multiple uses. We continuously strive to offer a materials that can be re-cycled for further use. You can opt for dedicated platforms from the advantages related to shared surfaces, resources, and equipment.
We offer various packaging levels:
• Full Service Packing: Professional packers take care of everything.
• Fragile-only Packing: Professional packers assist in packing of breakable items, such as china dishes, mirrors.
• Standard Self-Pack: Our customers need to do all packing.
We can offer a customized solution to best meet your needs whether you want us to do all, some, or none of the packing for your goods.
Packing is one of the important aspect that many people try to choose self-packing as a way to save cost for the shipment. No matter if you want us to do or you want to do it yourself, the important thing is that packing is done correctly so your item will arrive at your destination in great shape. Proper packing is crucial for protecting your belongings while in transit.
Our team is experienced in handling the total packaging requirements, offering our customers of their packaging requirements by monitoring as per client’s needs. We ensure your goods are correctly packaged for storage, whether it is long or short term. With extensive experience in the freight industry, we have the capabilities to handle, pack and store fragile and customized size of goods. Our team with trained professionals also help to determine correct packing, storage and delivery mode for safe handling of highly valuable goods.