You can rely on our team of industry leading logistics experts to solve your supply chain challenges and significantly improve performance, while positively impacting profitability and customer satisfaction.
Our dedicated logistics specialists combine global industry knowledge with the power of practical experience to help you determine the current performance of your supply chain. Our logistics service provides you the best solution for importing goods into North America and then delivering the goods to the Canadian market. HBC logistics will complete your company's warehouse and transportation needs from point of the region to the warehouse. Our experienced consultants can guide clients in making and assessing the critical decisions that influence optimization. We can design the supply chains that support higher returns, optimal placement of inventory, and minimization of operational costs.
Our customers receive dedicated, on-site support and expertise in managing their supply chain:
• Identify potential savings opportunities
• Manage both domestic and international shipping
• Access a broad range of transportation services
• Oversee customs regulation and compliance
• Implementing cost saving options
• Value addition to the partnership
• Provide technology tools for tracking and compliance
• Audit freight invoices to ensure accurate billing