Cargo insurance is physical loss or damage insurance of goods carried by vessel, road, rail and aircraft. Cargo/freight insurance provides the protection to the customers for loss or damage of their freight while it is being transported.
The decision of whether or not to insure your cargo is not always a clear-cut, simple choice. It requires to consider many factors, such as total value of the cargo, shipping origin and destination, the mode and cost of transportation. One option is to insure your cargo for the replacement of the goods shipped in case of total or partial loss or damage, request insurance for the commercial invoice value of the goods. This does not provide any coverage for the freight charges, insurance cost or any other ancillary charges involved.
This type of insurance covers yours shipping costs too in case of damage or loss where the repair or replacement must be done somewhere else other than the consignee’s location. The value of shipment declared for insurance should accurately reflect the full value of the shipment at the intended destination.
HBC provides a scalable and customization solutions to the customers for determining the best insurance for their freight shipments. Our comprehensive insurance policies cover means you are in safe hands when sending your instructions to us.
Cargo insurance offers several benefits to the customer:
• Compensation up to the full insured value of your goods, regardless of cause or fault by the carrier
• Competitive premiums
• Door-to-door coverage, including loading/unloading
• Expert risk analysis for your business
• Professional handling of claims
• Fast and easy payment of valid claims
• Simple invoicing and declaration through your HBC Transportation contact
• A one-stop shop for your freight and insurance requirements
• Cover provided by market-leading insurance companies
• Premium simply added to invoice
HBC Transportation handles every shipment with utmost care and attention, but of course there will always be risks associated with the transportation of goods. Sometimes there are factors out of our control that cannot be foreseen which can lead to goods being damaged or lost.
HBC logistics team’s high experience makes us unique in tailoring a range of insurance products to suit any requirements