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HBC Transportation is a Canadian based logistics company. HBC Transportation has been providing the specialized, expedited transportation, and logistics services on the road for some years.

Over the period of time, we are constantly expanding and updating our facilities to achieve a higher level of quality for our customers. We offer trucks and trailers to transfer goods from one location to another. We have ambient and temperature controlled trailers for delivering the goods as per temperature requirements.

We are committed to taking care of your transportation requirements. We provide the quality equipment and a highly experienced quality staff to serve you. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We pledge to continue delivering a high level of performance beyond our customer’s expectations by constantly upgrading our efforts and services.

HBC Transportation develops trailers made for automated storage and picking for our customers, which include material handling, software and services. Most of the technologies we use in our solutions are fully developed and engineered. We are long-term, reliable partner, working closely with our customers, we develop flexible solutions that address the challenges they face every day.

We are a professional company which prides itself on integrity, reliability and the speed in which we complete our services. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide a tailor-made and cost effective solutions for all your vehicle needs.

Our logistics services have been used by some of the largest corporations in the world, too. They know they can count on us to manage every stage of their supply chain, providing the logistics and transportation required to deliver their valuable inventory in a safe, secure, seamless, efficient, and timely manner. To that end, our logistics experts – many of whom have extensive project management experience – are always available to help you with your logistics management projects.

Our team is highly experienced and hard working. From driver to manager all are dedicated for their work. We have a specialized team to ensure the error less and efficient delivery.

Our team works 24/7 includes customer care service.

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Over 114 dedicated employees, working in 17 regional clusters around the globe, deliver operational excellence.

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